10 Things to consider in a Home Improvement Contractor before Work!!

Home Improvement Contractor2

If you want to renovate, improve or remodel your entire home, bedroom, kitchen, and part of your house you will need to hire a good Home Improvement Contractor. But the problem knows the right building or renovation professional to hire. Most of them normally render their service at a high price tag making it difficult for homeowners to accept. These and more are the reasons why you need to ensure check these10 things to considerin a Home Improvement Contractor before agreeing with the Work!! In fact, there is a need for you to consider them before signing any home renovation contract with any contractor.

Confirm the Contractor’s Details

The unlicensed contractors are mostly the ones that cause trouble when it comes to renovating home for people. For that reason, Better Business Bureau has recommended that you should not sign renovation contract with any contractor without confirming the details which include:

  • The name of the company
  • The office address
  • The phone number of the contractor
  • The license number.

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Find Out the Materials to Be Used By the Contractor

The contractor should provide you with information about the possible materials the Home Improvement Contractor intends to use for your renovation project. These can include: The brand name of the materials and even the particular model number if required.

Consider Completion Schedule by the Contractor

Another important thing you need to consider before endorsing any document for renovation with any contractor is the completion schedule. That will include the possible stages for the completion as well as the set dates for the starting of the project and completion time. Also, the contractor should write down possible reasons why there may be delay in the project.

The Schedule for Payment

Payment should be discussed beforehand and agreed between both parties before going ahead with your signature on any contract. It should be clearly stated about how you will make the payment and the possible circumstances regarding the payment. Find out whether the contract states that you do progress payments as the work is completed or whether it shall be completed on a particular date.

Avoid Verbal Agreements

Unwritten agreements normally results to misunderstanding when it comes to making agreement with a renovation contractor. For that reason, you should avoid any form of verbal agreement and ensure everything is being put into writing.

Consider Whether Or Not There Are Statements about Guarantee or Warrantee

You have to consider whether there are statements in the contract document for guarantee or warrantee either on the materials or the service.

Home Improvement Contractor1

Check Contractor Obtained Permit’s according To Law

There is also need for you to consider whether there is a clause stating that the contractor will get allthe required permits according to law. Some of the permits to check are:

  • Building permits, electrical, plumbing etc
  • Sidewalk work permits
  • The Department of Transportation

Check to see  If There Are Statement That the Contractor Will Repair /Correct Mistakes In the Work

It is also necessary for you to confirm whether there are statements that the contractor will be held responsible for any correction in the work and also in making sure that the area is completely cleaned after the renovation.

If There Is Clauses That Contractor Will Show Evidence Of Payment to Subcontractors and Suppliers

Most greedy contractors will like to collect the payment without paying other subcontractors and suppliers. So, in order to avoid being held responsible for the debt, you have to consider whether the document you want to sign has clauses that contractor will show evidence of payment to people that worked with him and the suppliers. Also, whether you will be allowed to withhold part of the payment until the he provider’s evidence of payment to the necessary people,

Ensure There Is Statement of Consumer Right in the Document

Make sure there is aclause about the consumer’s rights, you should be able to cancel within three-working days after the contract has been signed.


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