Attempting Kitchen Renovation- When to Call a Contractor

kitchen renovation contractor

Kitchens are an important part of the house. While you may not use your office on the weekends or relax in the living room every day, you are almost certain to use your kitchen on a daily basis. Whether it is for brewing coffee in the morning, preparing food for a cookout, or storing leftovers in the refrigerator, the kitchen is a grade A useful room of your home for all your food and beverage essentials. It deserves to be pampered and you can do this by keeping it updated.

However, the kitchen can be the most complicated part of the house to remodel. There are so many appliances and what I like to call built in furniture (cupboards and cabinets) that it can all get pretty confusing to work on by yourself. Many of the construction work found in kitchen is unique to the rest of the house and only found there in the kitchen. When is it okay to make it a DIY project and when should you call a contractor? Here are a few examples of when it’s probably better to just hire a professional.

  1. Cabinets

Cabinets can be a real pain. They have to be absolutely level, spaced correctly, and at the right height. It also is extremely hard to do by yourself. There should at least be 2 people installing cabinets; 1 to hold it and the other to install it. These are heavy structures that are going to be hanging from the wall with all your good China in them, its best to have them installed by a professional.

  1. Countertops

Countertops sound like pretty easy work. That is, until you pick one up. The sheer weight of a granite or quartz countertop is a job that no person should handle alone. Cutting them to fit and caulking them to the wall is another challenge in itself.

  1. Stoves and hoods

Installing a new stove is alright if it’s a simple plug and play option, but if you’re starting from scratch, installing a 110v gfi outlet isn’t quite as easy. Electricity is an extremely dangerous work hazard and can even cause fatalities if you’re not careful. That also goes for installing and wiring a range hood over the top of the stove.

  1. Flooring

I’ve never seen a carpet in a kitchen and it’s probably better that I haven’t. The kitchen experiences a lot of spills and a carpet would get ruined right away. That means a kitchen is in need of tiling or wood floors (laminate for a tighter budget). It’s a pretty precise process that can easily be messed up.

  1. Plumbing

If your refrigerator has an in-door ice maker or water dispenser, you’ll need to connect it to the plumbing. If you’re installing a new garbage disposal, you’ll have to connect that to the plumbing as well. The worst thing to have would be an unknown water leak on the newly remodeled floor

Kitchen remodeling for the most part should be left to the pros. That doesn’t mean there aren’t easy DIY kitchen projects still possible, but if it’s too difficult, always hire a kitchen renovation contractor such as IPC Restoration and Renovation.



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