Is interior painting any good? A few ways you can be certain


Interior painting is one of the most important steps in making a home complete. It is the finished product that gives life to your home. The feeling of each room is easily changed with the paint on the walls. Therefore, the paint job has to be perfect. Here are a few ways to tell whether the paint job is a quality job, or a complete disaster.

  1. Paint Lines

Lines are a fad in today’s painting world. Many homeowners wish to make interesting designs or unique patterns using no more than some paint and painters tape. However, many DIY painters fail to realize this crucial step in creating the sharp lines they seek. If you see your lines turning out jagged or not completely sharp, it may be because you waited too long to peel off the tape. It’s actually best to peel off the painter’s tape right after painting the lines before it dries. Waiting for it to dry can cause the paint to seep into the tape and come off with the tape.

  1. Not enough paint

Saving money is no reason to leave your home looking mal nourished. Although paint can be expensive sometimes, the ends will ultimately justify the means. A lot of times, a painter will try to stretch the last gallon to cover the entire wall. The result is a thin looking coat. Always make sure you use enough paint to get the job done right!

  1. Time between coats

Seeing that fresh coat of paint on the wall for the first time can be pretty exciting. You may be really eager to lather on a 2nd coat right away, but it’s important to let the first coat dry completely. If you put the second coat of paint on too quickly it will ruin the finish product. Most importantly, the brushstrokes are much more visible if you don’t let the first coat dry completely.

  1. Lathering on the paint

As if putting 2 coats of paint on back-to-back isn’t bad enough, overcompensating is even worse! You may be thinking, ‘who needs 2 coats when you can apply just 1 thick coat?’ Warning: bad idea! Although it may save time in the short run, it will end up coming back to haunt you in the long run. A thick coat of paint can run, leaving cliché paint marks, or easily be chipped off once dry. Although

Interior painting Is one of the most common DIY projects that homeowners will tackle at some point, yet not everyone is prepared for the effort it takes. Sometimes it’s worth the money to just hire a professional that already has the experience for interior painting such as IPC Restoration and Renovation Contractors. Speaking of them specifically, they have the knowledge it takes to get the job done right. They have all the right paining tools that normal DIYer wouldn’t think of buying for a one-time project. On their website,, they even show some examples of some great interior faux walls that they’ve painted in the past. If you’re not totally comfortable painting your house yourself, looking into IPC might not be a bad call.


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