The Truth about Commercial Construction is about to Be Revealed

Commercial Construction

The truth about commercial construction is quite simply, really. In short, it is pretty similar to residential construction except for that fact that it is bigger, stronger and usually has more safety features required. However, this doesn’t mean it is at all just as easy. Contracting commercial buildings takes more time, more money and more precautions during the process. It’s no easy job and hence it is always left to the professionals.

Honestly, have you ever seen your local handyman build a brand new million-dollar building by himself? It would be quite surprising to hear a “yes.” Commercial projects take time to carefully plan out the process with a group of experts. Any roadblock that might be experienced with a residential project can be expected during a commercial one on a grand scale. That is why careful planning is required before the work starts and continues throughout the entire construction process in case any unforeseen obstacles may arise. This process may take only a few months or an upwards of several years depending on the size of the structure and readiness of the construction company.

Construction teams need to have the insight to decide on what material is needed for the job as well as what material is recommended for the job. Sometimes the minimum requirements are highly ill-advised for commercial uses. While sheet rock may be the ideal choice in a residential build, commercial builds tend to require much stronger materials. It will all depend on the type of environment and size of the structure to be built. Hazardous environments can eat away low-quality metal or metal that’s too thin for the job. The same can happen with metal painted with a paint type that surely won’t live up to the demands.

 It’s also important for contractors to know how strong the structure should be in order to deal with the heavy loads it may encounter in its lifetime. A weak structure could collapse if the contractors aren’t precise with their measurements, something known as structural failure. This was seen in Bangladesh, India in 2013 when the Savar building accidently collapsed due to a structural failure, killing 1,130 people and injuring thousands more. It is recognized as the most fatal structural failure in human history and shows just how important the construction process is in ensuring everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Because of the many dangers and higher levels of liability, constructing commercial structures is designed to be a lot safer. There are much more safety precautions than a normal residential construction project and a lot more supervision and review. Expert commercial construction companies, such as IPC Restoration and Renovation to be example, know what to do in any kind of situation. Safety is the key in both the construction process and making sure the structure lives up to the test. IPC happens to particularly have a lot of experience in the field with great results. Some of their work can be seen at



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