Top 10 Causes of Water Damage In Residences

Basement Flood Restoration

One of the commonest problems faced in all houses is the water leakage or the bursting of pipes. If the weather is harsh and during winter the water pipes freeze leading to the flooding of the basements. These problems can be met ably by the reliable basement flood restoration companies that are available all round the clock. You must know what has caused the flooding that can cause potential damage. Here is a list of the 10 common reasons of water damage in residences.

  1. Dripping water at toilet: Constant dripping causes your water tank becoming empty soon. This can cause damage to the toilet floors or walls also. Once it has been identified, it can be fixed easily. It is not expensive also.
  2. Too much water pressure on the washing machine: If the water line to your washing machine has become weaker, it may not be able to withstand the pressure and may rupture leading to flooding of the washing area. The lines need to be replaced immediately.
  3. Leak in the garbage disposal: If the garbage disposal stops working, it may cause leakages and garbage mixed with water may cause flooding. It happens when the unit becomes old and needs some maintenance. Once this happens, the disposal has to be replaced.
  4. Leakage from the AC: The AC sucks out the moisture from inside the room and draws it out through the pipes to release it outside. If there is a rupture in these pipes, it may cause a soaking of the ceiling. The outlet pipe has to be replaced.
  5. Leak in the water heater: If you avail the services from IPC Restoration and Renovation Contractors, one of the most reliable basement flood restoration companies, you can check the leakages in the basement from the water heaters very efficiently.
  6. Pipe burst due to freezing temperature: During the harsh seasons of winter, the water pipes often freeze leading to a rupture and flooding of the entire house. The pipes need to be insulated to prevent this from happening frequently.
  7. Freezing of the Fire Sprinklers: In the high rise buildings, there is installation of Fire Sprinklers in the homes. If the weather is too harsh, it may result in the freezing of the water in the sprinklers. This may result in rupture and flooding. Winter maintenance has to be carried out periodically.
  8. Clogged drains: Any type of clogged drain, in the toilet or the kitchen can cause water flooding. The clogging has to be removed to maintain the free flow of drain water.
  9. Backed-up sewers: The sewer lines may get choked due to heavy rainfall. This may cause a leakage in these lines causing sewer to spill out. This has to be tackled immediately as it sets up a very unhygienic condition. Immediate engagement of professionals is required.
  10. Failure of sump pump: If the sump pump stops working, it will cause a flooding of the basement. The professional must be pressed into immediate action.



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