How Much Do You Know about Granite Countertops?

Implementing granite as countertops has been in fashion. The glossy countertops are in demand and most importantly, they have a long durability in the process. There are companies that provide you with the best granite countertops, while there are some that are not so good in quality. They also carry the name to be easy in handling. They are easy to clean and always remain shiny to attract people. Thus, it is imperative that you know about the different aspects to consider about these countertops before you buy this glossy stone for your kitchen or table.

Machine made or hand polished

With the increase in demand of these countertops, the companies are now looking forward to have a machine finished countertop. However, the machine made ones have irregular edges. These rough edges are made even with the help of wax. This wax tends to wear off easily and then the edges look bad. But the handmade ones have a polishes edge that is durable and also have a much more longevity than the machine made ones. Some companies have employees who are employed to polish the edges of the machine made granite tops. This makes them durable an also shinier. Make sure that you converse with them whether they possess the later feature.

Know about the veins

There are different ways how the granites are fabricated. Some are fabricated individually while some companies arrange the pieces to fabricate them. The later one is more durable as the pieces are made to reassemble and you get the absolute right veins in the process. However, the individually fabricated ones are also in demand for commercial areas or for any random use. The latter ones look good when placed as kitchen or dining countertops. Only ensure that the company installs the seams only with a suction automated machine. This makes the leveling firm and also makes the granite fall in place.

Avoid two-meter granite

It is mandatory that you look for three centimeters granite rather than two centimeters granite. The former ones are more durable and solve the right purpose for you. When you install them in your kitchen, it is obvious that you may have some major fall of some heavy utensil. If you are using the later dimension, you can break your granite easily. On the other hand, the former category is firm and strong to resist any heavy fall. These categories are either the Brazilian or the Italian granites. Thus, choose among them to have the right usage.

Certain installation companies

Make sure that the company you buy your granite from installs it too. The granite countertops from IPC assist their customers to get it installed by them. Other than this service, it becomes hassling to call the granite installers. This also helps in the right and safe installation in the process. It is mandatory that when you look through the various aspects, you get to have the completely right fitting. Any local installer cannot do it that perfectly as the company in itself.




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