The 5 Reasons Tourists Love Laminate Countertops of IPC

As a home buyer, you will like to know that what the consumer reports have to reveal about the laminate countertops. The concept is becoming increasingly popular amongst buyers and the report aptly validates this fact. Secondly, when compared to fourteen different materials, the laminate is more effective in resisting stains, heat, an excess of temperature, and other impacts.


  1. It is an economic option

If you looking for an affordable and effective remodeling plan then you have good reasons to opt for the laminated solution. For every square foot of installation, you need not pay more than forty USD. The price can be as low as ten USD which is lots cheaper than the other counter topping materials.

  1. Easy to replace

Unlike the other pricier material, you can replace the laminate, at your convenience. Both installations, as well as, replacement turns out to be an inexpensive proposition for which you need not break your bank. There is a wide range of color, style and designing variations, from which to choose. So, if you have become bored with the existing style, you can easily change over to a variety that is cool as well as, classy.

  1. A long-lasting solution

It is a fact that countertops are vulnerable to wearing and tearing. They take a lot of beating, as well. So, you have to be careful about choosing a material that is powerful enough to overcome the ravages of time. Laminate countertops offered by ipcrenocrew are not only stain proof but are also resistant to acids and heat.  They take years of staining, scorching, and scratching. You need not fear about irreparable damages occurring to the countertop. You need not worry about exposing the material abrasive cleaners, high heat objects and those that are sharp in nature.  Instead, in laminates, you find a user-friendly long-term solution.

  1. Easy to maintain and clean

The countertop doesn’t require scrubbing. You can clean it, at your convenience, using a sponge. As long as you have some lukewarm water and a common household cleaner, you can undertake the cleaning process. It can be accomplished with effortless ease. But if you have invested in a grout countertop, you had to use a scrubber to get the job done. The laminated solution is thus easy to maintain, as well as, clean.

  1. They are awesome and stylish

You can lay your hands on new patterns so that they can complement the shades and colors of your wooden cabinet. Both the statements can then be combined to create a look that is inviting, engrossing and appealing. Laminates with pretty backsplash are becoming more and more popular for their stylish and user-friendly features. Nowadays, you can make your pick from those that come with improved styling patterns. For instance, you can get those that create the impression of marble. For that, you have to go through the marble lookalike models. Similarly, if you are fond of stones, but are on a budget, you can take note of the stone lookalike samples.

Take a quick decision

Now that you know all the reasons, you won’t think twice about taking a quick and calculated decision. Get started with your kitchen renovation project and don’t forget about installing laminates.

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