IPC Experts for Tile, Stone & Concrete Installations Bring You The Best Quality

The key to successful tiling is to follow layout lines. They guide you from where to start the process of placing the tiles so as to get an even arrangement of tiles in the room. It is best to hire experts for tile installation. Otherwise you may end up with odd shaped tiles at the walls. The different kind of installations available on the floors is discussed below.

Achieve earthy tones through acid staining

Most of the stains are a combination of water, soluble salts and hydrochloric acid. They react chemically with calcium hydroxide in the concrete by penetrating the surface. The metallic salts permeates the surface and rich, translucent colors are achieved which would not be otherwise possible. When the stain reacts, it becomes a permanent fixture of the concrete and will never fade or peel away. Tile, stone and concrete installations should be handled by professionals.



You can add a dazzle to your floors by adding overlays. There are broad ranges of tile, stone and concrete installations overlays available at ipcrenocrew. You can apply in thin layers or thick layers depending upon your requirement.

Application of membranes

When establishing a new building, certain parts may be at risk for water intrusions such as basements, underground garages, elevator pits. Application of membranes or waterproofing of those parts is necessary to keep these areas dry.

Freezing the moisture in the soil

Refrigerators and freezers are maintained at below freezing temperatures. So this leads to the freezing the moisture in the soil under the floor. The above concrete floor can be damaged due to the expansion of this soil caused by this freezing moisture. Depending on the temperature of the freezer, some floors have raised their floors by a few inches. As a result of this, many floors have cracked and doors no longer can be closed properly. Building structures have become functionally unstable. So a significant amount of money has to be spent on replacement.


Installation of heat cables under the floor

The solution to this problem is installation of heat cables under the floor and in the substrate.  This will prevent the soil from freezing. So you can save thousands if you are willing to spend some money now as a preventive measure.

Water intrusion problem

Many homeowners want a manicured look for their basement. They want everything from hardwood floors, wooden wraps and stylish wooden furniture. As long as the basement is not exposed to water, they work out just fine. However, if water problems exist in and around the basement then the hardwood floor along with the furniture will be destroyed.

Get manicured looks using DriCor Subfloor system

You should then probably look out for a different flooring solution that will not be damaged by the infiltrating water. DriCor Subfloor system is the solution to this problem. It will take care of some of the problems.

Application of micro toppings

When decorative stains cannot be applied on a concrete floor, micro toppings are the only solution. These can be successfully installed by experienced contractors will add a unique character to the surface.

Judicious choice of a flooring contractor

There are many flooring contractors available. It is a tough decision to choose the right one for your flooring project. Make a comparative study of the quotes and choose the one suitable for you.


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